We all know there are plenty of cyclists here, and some are very serious about their sport, but one of the most serious is here right now, Chris Froome! Froome has encouraged people through his twitter account to join him: “Want to come for a ride with us? Let’s go” he posted on twitter, along with the photos above and below. Froome is multiple Tour de France winner with Team Sky, so if you want to go cycling in the hope of joining him, or you’re driving in the national park, keep an eye open around the roads up and about Mt Teide right now!

Source Janet Anscombe: https://www.janetanscombe.com/news/cyclist-chris-froome-asks-want-to-come-for-a-ride-as-he-trains-in-tenerife.html

FM Coverage Across the WHOLE of Tenerife

So when you have a volcano in the center of an island it proves a little more difficult to broadcast across one channel... Did that stop Boogie Bunker Radio? No, it certainly didn't, as well as being able to tune in to your favorite station Worldwide Online, you can...

30 May is Día de Canarias, Canarian Day

A couple of weeks still to go but Thursday 30 May is Día de Canarias, Canarian Day, a Canaries-wide public holiday in celebration of the anniversary of the first official Parliamentary session of the islands on 30 May 1983, some 10 months after the Canaries became an...


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