The links between the Canaries and south America, especially Venezuela, are incredibly strong. Thousands of Canarians left these islands when facing economic hardship and ruin during the dictatorship in the 1950s, and the cultural and familial ties remain strong. Now, however, Venezuela is in trouble, with rampant inflation and widespread shortages creating warlike conditions for many. Some are trying to flee, others are stuck: all are in trouble.

Hospitals themselves are struggling without drugs, and Christopher Adán Rush Hernández Armando is collecting surplus medicines to send them: he has contacts and history with Venezuela and knows how to get them to the hospitals that need them.  So, if anyone has any medication or medical supplies they no longer need but which are not expired or used up, let’s have them!

I envisage doing this more than once, but in the first instance, anyone who has anything to drop off can do so to me outside the Escuela de Seguridad and Convivencia in Adeje (map below) this coming Monday, 3 December, between 10.45 and 11am.



FM Coverage Across the WHOLE of Tenerife

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