Tenerife Buzz – Business User Guide

Tenerife Buzz – Business User Guide

Wanting to get your business on the Tenerife Buzz App?  We have created a simple user guide for you to be able to get your business listed on the app, in a matter of minutes.


Every Standard listing added to the app is FREE!  However, like any directory,  you want your business to stand out? So the more information, that you can add to your listing, the better!   We also have a range of bespoke packages, which not only include Press, and Radio advertising, as well as full social media support.  Tenerife Buzz has formed a number of partnerships across the Island, which will assist in the promotion of your business, but by taking part in Loyalty schemes, and Sponsoring Major events across the Island!

Tenerife Buzz will allow your business, regardless of size to interact with customers, and tourists, prior to their arrival in Tenerife!   In Partnership with Boogie Bunker Radio (Tenerife FM/Worldwide Online), and Island Connections (Tenerife).  We are able to offer an unrivalled advertising package!  Within our team we have adviser’s who are able to, not only promote your business, but take your business marketing to a new level, as well as a fresh marketplace!

Tenerife Buzz is an innovative application, which not only has the ability to securely sell Tickets, Excursions, list events, Sell product’s/ services, Offer discounts to your customers, chat direct, and make bookings/reservations, as well as send ‘Push Notifications’ to customers mobile devices, and much more!  

We have tried to make it easy for new businesses to sign up to the app.  Our Guide gives some video tutorials, as well as the ability to translate each page for all users. Hit the banner below to take you to the guide!!

Finally, should you have any questions, or would like to speak to a Team Rep? Contact us:  info@tenerife.buzz or john@tenerife.buzz

Tenerife Buzz Uniting the Island, and welcoming visitors!

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