Tráfico’s annual Easter road safety campaign starts today

Tráfico’s annual Easter road safety campaign starts today

Every Easter, Tráfico carries out a safety campaign as people move around the country to spend what is a very important religious festival in Spain with family. Police say, indeed, that the roads are even busier in a short space of time than at Christmas, with some 15.5m vehicles expected to be travelling specifically for the Easter break.

The DGT’s SEMANA SANTA – 2019 campaign lasts until 22 April and is divided into two phases. The first is from 3pm today, Friday 12 April, until midnight this Sunday: it is known as Operation Salida because it is when people will be leaving for their Easter holidays. The second phase will focus on Easter weekend itself, and will start on Wednesday 17th, lasting until Operación Retorno when everyone is returning home on Monday 22nd.

Police will be checking speed limits, use of mobile phones, seatbelt use, drink and drugs … a full operational campaign.

Source: Janet Anscombe

The Tráfico Seatbelt and Childseat Campaign

The Tráfico Seatbelt and Childseat Campaign

Tráfico ‏has announced a seatbelt and childseat campaign for this week. Controls will be set throughout the country from today, 11 March, until Sunday 17th. At checkpoints, police will be looking at car paperwork and documents as well checking as that their seatbelts work and are being worn, and that any children are correctly seated in child or booster seats. For the regulations on child seats, please see the Driving section of THIS page, scroll to the question “What are the rules for child seats?”.

Tragic Head-on collision at Arico

Tragic Head-on collision at Arico

A head-on collision on the TF629, the subida a la Villa de Arico, early this morning left a 42-year-old man dead and another of 23 years of age injured. Emergency services say that they were called out just after half past six with reports of the accident and that people were trapped in their vehicles. Bomberos were required to cut the occupants free but sadly one of them suffered a cardiac arrest at the scene and ambulance crew were unable to save him. The other victim suffered multiple injuries particular to the head: he was transferred to Candelaria Hospital where his condition is said not to be life-threatening.


BBR Heads North? North Tenerife

BBR Heads North? North Tenerife

Boogie Bunker Radio has now been broadcasting across the South of Tenerife on 87.7FM, for the past 6 months. Bringing to Tenerife its brand of Modern & Classic Soul and Dance music. It has always been the plan of the Station to expand across the the whole of the island of Tenerife. Anyone who has visited the island, would know that the landscape of mountains makes this difficult and costly.

However the success of the station on the south of the island, made it imperative that the station found a way of bringing the station to the whole of the island. We have therefore decided to expand the station and extend the range across Tenerife, and include the North of the island. This will need an addition frequency for our listeners in the North of Tenerife 90.2FM BBR Tenerife

Alongside our currently available frequency in South 87.7FM BBR Tenerife

Boogie Bunker Radio will continue to broadcast across Tenerife on 87.7FM & 90.2FM from 1st March 2019. We would like to thank the people of Tenerife for supporting BBR Tenerife, and it is our hope to continue to bring our brand of Radio to the island of Tenerife and Worldwide on

Working in Tenerife with our partners Tenerife Buzz to unite the Island, and welcome tourists to Tenerife. Download the App now!

Crossroad Connections

Crossroad Connections

Photo: Caserio de las Fuentes.

Updated 13 February: I thought I’d just share these four photos taken today while trying out the new road to Las Fuentes. And I have to say it is a brilliant road, all the way from the back of the small complex of brown townhouses in Tejina up to Las Fuentes itself, on a level plain tucked into the back of Tejina mountain. The road finally peters out beyond the village in forest and hillside.  I hope the photos show the excellent finish of the road, the view along the coast from the drive up there, part of the village and the back of Tejina mountain, and the beauty of the route up through a barranco that seems to take one to a different world entirely! 

Updated 8 February 2019: The Cabildo has formally received the works from Tragsa, the construction company which built the new road that has put Las Fuentes back in touch with the world. Now reopened to the public, the new road is a single lane concrete track with passing places. The village has 33 houses and several fincas, all still without connections for electricity, phone and (ironically) water, dating from the mid 19th century when Las Fuentes was known as the region’s breadbasket. Now the world can find out about it once again.

Updated 3 September 2018: Works have been going on for the past year and a half and, at last, the access road to Las Fuentes is almost finished. It is open, indeed, though at present only to those living or working in the village, and even then, only to their light vehicles outside of working hours, but it is open! Works are now ongoing in the final stage, of levelling off the sharp edge to the road surface with paving slabs and curbs, and finishing the passing bays. The road is expected to be open fully in November, and so this village is about to rejoin the rest of Tenerife!

Original post 16 February 2017: Las Fuentes in the municipality of Guía de Isora is an ethnographic heritage site at around 1,000m altitude not far from the Barranco de Erques, and almost directly above Tejina de Isora behind Tejina mountain. It displays all the hallmarks of typical village life in Tenerife in generations past, not the least of which are the pipes, wells and cisterns connected with the supply of water from the springs from which the village takes its name. There are also communal ovens, threshing circles, caves, and the local authority has put much work into restoring and preserving the village over recent years.

Now everyone will be able to enjoy the experience as the Tenerife Cabildo has announced an investment of over €1m to improve the access road to the village. Tenerife president Carlos Alonso recently visited the area with Cabildo Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries councillor Jesus Morales, and representatives from the Asociación Los Manantiales de Las Fuentes and local residents. The president said that the Cabildo’s investment in rural works this year will amount to more than €4m in total, mainly on rural roads and irrigation, the largest such investment in the Cabildo’s history, and one intended to provide agricultural support to farmers and the produce they generate, and to keep the countryside alive.

Rural tourism is, of course, a key niche, and this will have been another factor in the decisions behind the funding. Councillor Morales said that in Las Fuentes’ case, the paving and improvement of the access road would benefit some 25 acres of rural land mainly cultivating vines and potatoes, and benefiting one of the most unique, characteristic and best conserved landscapes in the southern medianías.

Valentines Day Disruptions

Valentines Day Disruptions


Thursday 14 February: 9.15am-midday. Electricity cut in Playa de las Américas. Areas affected: Calle Antonio Domínguez.

Friday 18 January: As forecast yesterday (see HERE), the weather has turned and brought wind and some rain which has turned to snow at altitude. Although Teide isn’t as white as we might have expected – that may yet be to come – there has been a considerable amount of ice on the road through the caldera and so all access roads are currently closed. This is likely to be repeated several times over the next few days and possibly weeks so before going up into the National Park it’s best to check the Cabildo’s real-time map of the situation on the roads here. The map is HERE.

Friday 11 January: 10am-midday. Water cut in Tejina de Isora. Areas affected: whole village.

Wednesday 9 January: 8-11.30am. Electricity cut in Candelaria. Areas affected: Calle España, Avenida La Constitución, Avenida Marítima, Calle La Piscina, Calle Trivijate and surrounds.

Friday 4 January: 10am until end of works. Water cut in Icod. Areas affected: following image. (edit: the times were changed on the morning of the 4th itself – the cut will now be from 10pm)

Wednesday 2 January 2019: 8.15am-1.15pm. Electricity cut in Candelaria. Areas affected: Calles Bajo La Cuesta, Era de Molina, Manuel Oliva and surrounding areas.

Wednesday 19 December 2018: 11pm to (Thursday) 6am. Water cut in Guía de Isora. Areas affected: the whole of the town.

Monday 10 December: 8am-12pm. Water cut in Buenavista del Norte. Areas affected: C/ La Alhóndiga, Plaza de Los Remedios, C/ Verde, C/San Antonio, C/El Perdón, C/ El Horno, C/ El Castillo, C/ El Puerto, Avenida Nicolás Diaz Dorta, C/ Los Molinos, C/ José Pérez, Avenida Daute. El Rincón. Casa Blanca.

Wednesday 5 December:  8am-1pm. Electricity cut in Candelaria. Areas affected: C/ Armiche, C/ Fayna, Avenida la Constitución, C/ Los Corales, C/ Mahoc, Avenida Marítima, Avenida Marítima Playa La Viuda, C/ Tamonante, C/ Taunus, C/ Tenesedra & surrounding area.

Tuesday 4 December: 9am-2pm. Electricity cut in Playa de las Américas. Areas affected: Avenida Rafael Puig Lluvina, C/Noelia Afonso Cabrera and Urbanización Los Cardones.

Thursday 29 November:  8.30-10am. Electricity cut in La Florida. Areas affected: Ur. Florida, C/Castaño, C/General La Florida – La Camella.

Wednesday 28 November: 9am-noon. Water cut in Los Bebederos (Buzanada). Areas affected: calles Elvira, Camino Los Toscales, TF-66 entre Km 2 y 3, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Colombia, Panamá, Ecuador, Isla Margarita, Argentina, TF-657 Ctra. Gral. Cabo Blanco, Buenos Aires, Bari, Arkansas, Pensilvania, Quito, Asunción, Maracaibo, Lima, Acapulco, Valparaíso, Bogotá, Guantánamo, Nuevo México, Brasilia, Rincón de Europa.

Tuesday 20 November: 8.15-11am. Electricity cut in Los Cristianos. Areas affected: Cr/ General TF-655 Arona-Guaza-Los Cristianos, Av/ San Fancisco and C/Lugano.

Thursday 15 November. Access to El Puertito from the TF-47 at the new Armeñime roundabout will be closed for around two weeks while works continue, and specifically to allow the installation of water piping. Traffic heading for El Puertito will need to go via Playa Paraíso. The road coming up from El Puertito to the TF-47 will remain open.

Monday 12 November 11pm-5am. Water cut in Candelaria. Areas affected: Las Cuevecitas bewteen calle La Morra and Calle Vence. The works will also mean blocked access to the Pabellón de Las Cuevecitas from 6pm and until the end of works.

Friday 9 November 1-6am (This is Thursday night/Friday morning). Water cut in Arona. Areas affected: Calles Finca Caret, Cruz de San Antonio, La Bodega, Nueva, El Calvario, La Fonda, Los Riscos, La Cruz, Finca La Cruz, Hoya de La Cruz, Túnez, Las Fuentitas, Manuel Risco Tetere, Chimaca, Sitio del Capitán, Angostura, Espadal, Morro Pinto, Santa Teresa Jornet Ibars, Los Castellanos, Beña-Túnez, Hoya de Beña, Cruz del Guanche-Sabinita Alta, Mazapé, San Carlos Borromeo, Domínguez Alfonso, Carmen Pérez Moya, Gónzalez del Yerro, La Luna, TF-51 Arona-Vilaflor, Villareal, Sindical, La Constitución, La Mejora, Los Asientos, El Piñón, El Sitio, Llano del Rey, Chichia, TF-51 Arona, Real Llano a Vento, Anconito, El Cementerio, Chasagua, El Mojonito, Cardencha, Chamorga, Montaña Fría, Arenado, Gónzalez, Méndez, Picamolinos, Sabinita Alta, Mayal, Arenado, Asomada Alta and Cercado Grande.

Friday 2 November 9-11am. Electricity cut in La Camella. Areas affected: C/Cefiro, CR/Genral TF-657 Cabo Blanco, CR/ Gral de Cabo Blanco TF-625, CN/ Granja Nicolas, Ca/Aceviños, C/Balillo, C/Bejeque, CR/ Camella Arona, C/ Charco Redondo, C/ Chijafe, CN/ Los Chijafes, C/Cosco, C/ El Relinchón, CR/ General Camella-Cabo Blanco, CR/Genral Sur La Camella, CR/General TF 822, CR/General TF-28 La Camella, CR/General TF-657 Cabo Blanco, Cr/ Gral Camella CRistianos C-822, C/ La Jara, C/ La Peraza, C/ Laurel, CN/ Mecha, CN/ Real LLano Azul, C/ Sauce, C/ Tasaigo, C/Tedera, CJ/ Tejera, C/Tilo, C/ Tostonera, CR/ Villa Rosa.

Monday 29 October 9am to 4pm. Water cut in Los Gigantes. Areas affected: coastal part (“zona costera”) of LG.

Friday 26 October 9am-2pm. Electricity cut in Guía de Isora. Areas affected: calle Maravillas.

Thursday 25 October 9am-1pm. Water cut in Los Gigantes. Areas affected: Calle Tamara and Poblado Marinero.

Wednesday 24 October 8-10am. Electricity cut in Candelaria. Areas affected: calles Alemania, Batayola, Francia, Inglaterra, Portugal and surrounding areas.

Tuesday 23 October 7am-3pm. Road works with restrictions at the TF1 junction for Armeñime.

Thursday 18 October from 9pm until works are complete. Water cut in Icod de los Vinos. Areas affected: Calles San Antonio, El Amparo, Las Mirandas, El Agua, La Fuente, Las Cruces, La Rosa, Isla de Tenerife, Isla de La Palma, Isla de La Gomera, Los Reyes (part), and Tanausú. 

Wednesday 17 October 8am-1pm. Water cut in Puerto de la Cruz. Areas affected: Calles San Juan, Luis de la Cruz, Agustín de Bethencourt, Cólogan, Benjamín J. Miranda, Iriarte.

Thursday 11 October 10am-midday. Water cut in Punta Larga, Candelaria. Areas affected: Calles José Rodríguez Ramirez, Mencey Adjona, Chacorche, Gambuesas, El Ramonal, Mencey Bentor, Chaxiraxi, Princesa Arminda and Guetón, and Rambla de los Menceyes between C/. Mencey Tegueste and C/. Beneharo.

Wednesday 10 October 8am-3pm. Water cut in Playa de las Américas. Areas affected: Calles Noelia Afonso, Av. Santiago Puig, Arquitecto Gómez Cuesta, Av. Antonio Domínguez, Ps Teide, Ps Jable, Ps Orinoco, Ps Chinyero, Ps Francisco Andrade Fumero, Luis Díaz Losada, Ps Tarajal, Ps Marengo, Ps Las Lapas, Av Las Américas.

Tuesday 9 October 12.15-2.30pm. Electricity cuts in Alcalá and Fonsalia. Areas affected:  C/. Barrera, C/. Fonsalia, C/. Fuensalia, Crtra General Alcalá, Avda Los Pescadores, C/. Tarajales, C/.  Pedro Afonso.

Thursday 4 October 2-4.30pm. Electricity cuts in Adeje. Area affected: Calle La Cruz.

Monday 1 October 11pm-5am. Water cuts to the whole of El Palmar to repair network breakdowns. NB: this is El Palmar in Buenavista del Norte, NOT Palm Mar in Arona.

Thursday 27 September 8am-5pm. Lane closed on the busy TF47 through Armeñime for works on the new roundabout.

Thursday 27 September 8.15am-1pm. Electricity cut in Candelaria. Areas affected: C/ Morra Del Pino, S/N de Candelaria-Araya.

Monday 24 September from 11pm. Water cut in Playa San Juan. Areas affected: the whole of Playa San Juan.

Monday 10 September 9am-1pm. Water cut in Candelaria. Areas affected: calle santa Ana, san Roque, Dr. Llarena, Isla de la Gomera, Trasera La Cardonera, Marrubial, La Magdalena, Antón Guanche, Los Príncipes, Los Fariña, Los Sabandeños, Amanecer, Atardecer, Neptuno & El Mirador.

Wednesday 5 September 9am-2pm. Water cut in Santa Ana, Candelaria. Areas affected: calle santa Ana, san Roque, Dr. Llarena, Isla de la Gomera, Trasera La Cardonera, Marrubial, La Magdalena, Antón Guanche & Los Fariña.

Monday 3 September for 3 weeks. Road resurfacing TF51 between La Escalona and Vilaflor. The whole road will be closed between 8am and 6pm each weekday. Diversions will be in place via the TF563 and TF565.

Sunday 2 September. Traffic affected by Guía de Isora Triathlon. TF-463 closed from 8am to midday, and periodic closures on the TF47 and to access for several roads in Playa de San Juan.

Saturday 1 September 8am to 1pm. Electricity cut in Adeje. Areas affected: C/ Cervantes, C/ Corpus Christi, PZ/ Cruz del Llano, C/ Doctor de las Casas Pérez, CJ/ De los Frailes, C/ Grande, C/ Hermano Pedro, DS/ Hoya Miguel Pérez, C/ San Sebastián, C/ Las Huertas, C/ Nueva, C/ La Paloma, C/ Peligro, C/ Pérez Galdós, C/ Ramón y Cajal, C/ Universidad de La Laguna & C/ El Valito.

Saturday 25 August 9am to 2pm. Electricity cut in Güímar. Areas affected (image removed):

Friday 24 August 3-8pm. TF82 closed at Los Menores for banking containment works. Access only to local residents.

Friday 24 August 8am-1pm. Electricity cut in La Orotava. Area affected: Cuesta de Higa en La Perdoma.

Wednesday 22 August: 8-11am & Friday 2 August: 8am-12 noon. Electricity cut in Playa de las Américas. Areas affected: 22nd – C/ Noelia Afonso Cabrera; 2th – / Montevideo.

Mon 20-Wed 22 August/Road closed in Guía de Isora/Works on the embankment of the TF82 between Guía de Isora town and Tejina de Isora will shut the road completely with traffic diverted via the TF1

Monday 20 August: 9am to 2pm. Electricity cut in Playa de las Américas. Areas affected: Av. Antonio Domínguez y C/ Madrigueras.

Thursday 16 August: 9.30am to 2.30pm. Electricity cut in Playa de las Américas. Areas affected: Av. Arquitecto Gómez Cuesta.


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