A product billed as “quite unique” is being launched in Tenerife on the first of November. The Canarias VIP Card will give its holders unique discounts and benefits with all the businesses affiliated to the scheme which is the brainchild of Ofertas Canarias SL, a company dedicated to the marketing and promotion of the Canary Islands and the local businesses. The launch has been timed to coincide with winter season here in the Canaries, and at present cards will be usable in Tenerife and La Palma, with more islands to follow in due course.

“With the Canarias VIP Card the owner will be entitled to exclusive benefits and great discounts with all the affiliated businesses.” says Sebastian Leeson, Manager of the Canarias VIP Card. “It is our goal to attract more people by offering a variety of different businesses and to make the use of the card a simple and enjoyable experience.” Indeed, the Canarias VIP Card can be used for restaurants and bars, but also for excursions and rent a cars. Even shops, hairdressers and real estate agents have signed off to participate. At this time already more than 200 businesses have commited to work with the Canarias VIP Card and to offer discounts up to 50%, or a free bottle of wine or glass of cava in a favorite restaurant.

There will be a gold card costing €25, valid till the end of 2019, and a silver card costing €15, valid for 30 days, a system Ofertas Canarias says is to ensure that the project serves both residents and tourists. Cards will be available from official sellers, and there is more information on the website HERE (from 1.11.18) or Facebook page HERE.

source https://www.janetanscombe.com/news/canarias-vip-card-a-new-discount-card-scheme-being-launched-on-1-november.html

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