Photo: Spanish Army, Canarian Division.

Updated 8 October: There will be more exercises in Tenerife this month, with the Canarian Command’s Helicopter Manoeuvres Batallion VI training in north Tenerife between Santa Cruz and Buenavista del Norte over the next couple of days, 9 and 10 October, and again between the 15th and 19th.

Original post 11 September: There’s no eruption, nor any other type of emergency, nor have the Russian-Chinese joint military exercises spilled over into Spain … the jet fighters and gunship helicopters that several have spotted in our skies here are simply for the purposes of Bencomo 18, military manoeuvres carried out by the land and air armed services throughout the Canaries. In Tenerife today alone they have been spotted over Los Rodeos where they are based and as far afield as Callao Salvaje. The Bencomo 18 exercises will be going on throughout September.


Election Called Over Budget

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has called a general election on 28 April. Sánchez is leader of the socialist party, PSOE, which has been in minority Government since a vote of No Confidence last summer (see HERE), and as we saw only a week ago with the proposed...

Environmental Restoration

Updated 12 February 2019: The Canarian Government’s Environment Department has initiated procedures to declare areas around the Taucho shooting range to be “contaminated”. The measure was taken at the end of last month and follows denuncias, studies and checks last...


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