Updated 24 November: I’m delighted to be able to post the photo showing NHS consultant Sanjay Mulay and his marathon medal! Sanjay says that €2,700 has been donated to the hospital which saved his wife’s life. The money was handed over in person when he went to meet doctors and staff at Candelaria Hospital.

Updated 9 November 2018: I’m delighted to update this post with the news that the husband of the woman who had a scuba diving accident in Radazul in April last year is back in Tenerife … to run the Marathon with a group to raise funds for the hospital which helped her recover. The couple are both consultants in the NHS, and Mr Mulay says that they have already raised some 2,000 Pounds, and hope to add to it with marathon sponsorship. I hope to have some feedback after the race, and some photos, but for the moment, what a lovely story this is to be able to post!

Original post 2 June 2017: Just over a month ago, on 29 April on the Summer weather post, I reported this:

Emergency services have repeated their request for the public to take suitable care in adverse weather conditions after a 48-year-old British woman suffered a cardiac arrest and nearly drowned while diving off the Playa de Radazul, El Rosario, just before 11.30 this morning. She was pulled out of the water by fellow divers, and then transferred by emergency services to Candelaria Hospital where her condition is said to be serious.

I’ve now been contacted by this woman’s husband, who says:

I am the husband of the British lady who had the scuba diving accident in Tenerife at Radazul on the 29th of April which you had reported. My wife has made a full recovery from the accident. We are now back in the UK. I would really like to thank all the people who were there on the coast at the time, especially a nurse who performed the CPR on my wife. I cannot thank her enough. The ambulance service and the treatment at the Candeleria hospital was also exemplary. Would it be possible to find out who that nurse was and convey my gratitude . I would like to speak to her personally if possible. I would be grateful if you could help me finding this lady.

It is marvellous to know that this woman has made a full recovery, and if anyone can help identify or locate the nurse who undoubtedly saved her life by emergency resuscitation, please let me know and I’ll pass on the information.


source https://www.janetanscombe.com/news/british-nhs-consultant-nearly-drowns-husband-marathon.html

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