Updated 2 November: Emergency Services say that a man’s body has been recovered today at Playa de Tachero in the Anaga area. There is no confirmation of identity yet but clearly it is possibly related to the search that’s been underway for the past three days in the area for a young man who was reported missing after getting into difficulties in the sea. The body was initially airlifted to TFN La Laguna, and there will no doubt be further forensic information in due course.

Original post 1 November: Today marks the third day in which a search is underway for a man thought to have got into difficulty in the sea off the north coast at Taganana in the Anaga area. The incident was reported on Tuesday afternoon, and although no-one has yet been found, it is not being taken as a mistaken report. Involved in the search so far have been a lifeboat, a GES search and rescue helicopter, Guardia Civil land and diving units, Protección Civil, and Santa Cruz Policía Local: emergency services say that the search is continuing today, with the missing person thought to be a 20 year-old foreigner in Spain.


source https://www.janetanscombe.com/news/search-continues-for-man-thought-to-be-missing-after-getting-into-difficulties-in-sea-off-tagana-on-tuesday.html


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