Updated 24 January 2019: I would just like to thank Clio O’Flynn of Adeje Ayuntamiento, and the council itself, for organizing the airport visit on behalf of the Focus group (a group of local residents who try to help the council achieve integration of English-speaking inhabitants). I thought it was an excellent visit which showed so many aspects of the considerations behind developing and running an airport – from charging points for electric vehicles to the area where the rubbish is sorted, the place where the emergency helicopter lands to transfer patients to waiting ambulances, the weather monitoring and prediction … and the wonderful falcons, hawks, owl and eagle that are used to keep the airfield free of birds and other prey to ensure maximum safety for aircraft landing and taking off.

This trip was way oversubscribed so I have no doubt at all that other trips will be organized for those who couldn’t be accommodated this time. And of course the Focus group intends organizing other outings to different places of interest too, giving a glimpse into how life goes on in Tenerife behind the scenes of things we don’t usually really think about in detail. Thanks to Clio, and Adeje Ayuntamiento … and to Aena who coordinated everything and permitted our group to take everyone through parts of the airport the public never normally sees. Meanwhile here are one or two of those wonderful birds!

Original post 5 December 2018: Have you ever stopped to wonder at how an airport actually works? For most of us who moved here from abroad, Reina Sofia Airport was most likely the first Tenerife landmark we ever knew. We are, no doubt, frequent visitors to the airport as we pick up and drop off our family and friends who come to visit. And there are millions of people who visit each year and pass through the doors of that airport.

But how does it work, and how important is it to the island’s tourism industry that it functions efficiently? Now is your chance to find out with Focus, the association for international residents in Adeje, which in collaboration with CIT Sur is organising a guided visit of the airport on January 24th. The visit will take in check-in, boarding, security, and the falconry section: the airport has trained falcons who are vitally important in keeping the take-off and landing zones free of wayward birds.

The visit will cost €2.50 per person (price includes breakfast). We are opening up the visit to anyone, not just in Adeje, who would like to take part, but places are limited. If you would be interested can you please send an email to focusadeje@gmail.com and include the name and NIF/NIE/Passport number of all those who will be joining us – this is for security reasons so please make sure you include the details for everyone included in the visit.


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