From today, Spanish banks will not be able to charge more than €3 per month per client as commission for basic bank account operations, a measure that is the result of Spain translating an EU directive into national law ECE/228/2019 (see HERE). These include up to 120 basic operations annually, include opening and closing an account, paying in or withdrawing money, whether by machine or over the counter, debit card operations, transfers, and direct debits, etc.

Those who have heavier use of their accounts, commissions may not exceed the average set for the type of operation being charged, and these rates will be published quarterly by the Banco de España. The maximum monthly commission of €3 will be updated every two years by the national Bank.

Many bank account holders will be interested, and no doubt pleased, that the measure prohibits the banks from offering “products” for customers to benefit from this maximum rate, and that transfers of accounts must by law now be free.

Source: Janet Anscombe:

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