The Canary Islands reached the highest number of active cases registered by Covid-19 on Monday April 6th, since the epidemic began, but in the nine days that have passed since then they have decreased by 232 (16%) thanks above all, to an acceleration in the number of cases closed due to medical discharge and a decrease in the progression of infections. In fact recoveries have risen 256% in those nine days.

According to data provided by the Ministry of Health on its website at 8pm today, in accumulated figures, cases of coronavirus is 1,988, while discharges totalled 673, and deaths 107, three more than last night.

Two of these deaths correspond to residents of old people’s homes in Tenerife, in which there are now ten deaths in total.

There have also been 781 hospitalizations and 152 ICU admissions, although this data corresponds to 8pm on Tuesday.

Currently active cases, which are the total cases detected minus deaths and minus discharges, stood at 1,206 this Wednesday at 8pm, the lowest figure in April, which started with 1,282 active cases.

The number of active cases continued to rise in the first week of April, reaching 1,450 on Monday April 6th, the highest number of active cases recorded in the Canary Islands since the pandemic began.

The next day, saw was the first decrease in active cases when there were 28 fewer active cases in one day, a trend that has, with some daily ups and downs, continued its downward trend.

In the nine days since that peak of 1,450 active cases, 261 new cases of coronavirus have been detected in the islands, but in the same period there have been 476 new discharges and 17 deaths, leaving the number of active cases at 1,218 which is, 232 less than the maximum recorded, a decrease of 16%.

At the peak of active cases, there had been 186 accumulated medical discharges, but eight days later they have increased to 662, that is, recoveries have risen 256% in nine days, while deaths have grown 19% and new infections just over 15%.

Of the 1,986 cases accumulated until Tuesday at 2pm 1,249 correspond to Tenerife, depending on the place of residence, 456 to Gran Canaria, 83 to La Palma, 77 to Lanzarote, 42 to Fuerteventura, 10 to La Gomera and 4 to El Hierro.

The number of health professionals infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus is 447 until 8pm last night, 22% of the total accumulated cases.