For once, I’ll allow myself a personal and political post on this website. I normally try, I hope usually successfully, to post impartially and without partisanship. This General Election, however, is the most significant of my lifetime in terms of the future direction of the UK. As such, I urge everyone to vote to protect the country, its unwritten constitution developed through centuries, its NHS, its foreign workers, its homeless, its poor, its underprivileged, its hungry, its children’s future … and of course, those of us who remain British but who live in the EU, some of us victims of the Tories’ broken promises – yet more broken promises – to allow votes for life because being British lasts forever and wherever one is. Unless there’s a Tory Government.

The future of the United Kingdom is at stake. That is a future as a union with Scotland and Northern Ireland, its existence as a civilized, welcoming and open society, with an economically secure future in which the country can hold its head up internationally as a major leader in an increasingly fragile world for democracy, one in which the poor aren’t made pariahs for the simple benefit of billionaires, one in which children can expect hospital treatment without being kept for hours untreated on floors, one in which foodbanks are not needed because people are treated with dignity … all this depends on the Tories not being able to form a majority Government on Friday morning. 

For the sake of the future, of the country, and of yours and my children and grandchildren, never mind our own lives, please vote tactically in this election. Vote for anyone who will treat people as deserving human beings, and that means vote for anyone who will not be a representative of the most right-wing Conservative Party in years, a Party that has chucked out any semblance of humanity along with most of its MPs who were “centrists”. To avoid a return to the 1920s, which underpinned the horrors of the 1930s, please, for god’s sake, vote for change, whichever Party represents your best chance for change, and to reset the future and to stop it repeating itself.