Janet Anscombe is the owner and editor of the online journal In Tenerife. Janet is an ancient historian, retired university lecturer, loves podencos, chickens and lizards, and is now a journalist providing local information, news and advice in Tenerife …and we are VERY pleased to say that she has kindly agreed to be our source for Tenerife News on our blog – thank you Janet.

Our app is about ‘Uniting the Island and Welcoming Visitors‘ and we see this as the first of many partnerships with individuals, business and attractions across the island. We want to ensure the users of our app have all the information they could need at their fingertips to ensure a fantastic and well informed stay on the island, and can only see Janet’s well informed news as a huge asset to our audience.

With contributors like Janet we can focus our attention on making sure our app as good as it can possibly be, there will be some BIG announcements over the next week or so, so please be sure to check back regularly or subscribe to our RSS feed – where you will get access to not only our announcements but also Janet’s too.

If you would like to learn more about how your business can benefit from being a part of #BuzzLife then please email us info@www.tenerife.buzz with your proposal, we look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

The Tenerife.buzz Team

Election Called Over Budget

Election Called Over Budget

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has called a general election on 28 April. Sánchez is leader of the socialist party, PSOE, which has been in minority Government since a vote of No Confidence last summer (see HERE), and as we saw only a week ago with the proposed...

Environmental Restoration

Environmental Restoration

Updated 12 February 2019: The Canarian Government’s Environment Department has initiated procedures to declare areas around the Taucho shooting range to be “contaminated”. The measure was taken at the end of last month and follows denuncias, studies and checks last...

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